Sunday, January 31, 2016

Week 22: Happy Thanksgiving!

Sounds like you guys had a good thanksgiving! Thanks mom for sending all of the pictures! And thanks Nana and Jackie and Jill for the letters/packages. They make me so happy!

Thanksgiving on the mission was a non-proselyting day, meaning we just hung out at members houses all day. At the beginning of the week, we still didn't have any plays for Thanksgiving, but we ended up going to THREE Thanksgiving dinners. They were all very different and very delicious. The first was at the YSA branch president's house. He invited a few of us missionaries and some other members. Super yummy, classic Thanksgiving feast. Then we went to Marcos' house. He is 20 years old, was baptized in February, and we're helping him to prepare to go on a mission! He is the only member in his family, so we got to talk a little with his mom and friends. They are from Honduras, and fed us what's called tostones, fried bananas with lettuce and chicken and salsa on top. It was pretty good! And then that night we went to a less active's house and had Mexican food. By the end of the night I was soooooo fulllllllll.

Exchanges were this week, and I went out to Dayton once again with Sister Casas. We taught a few lessons, but mostly did service helping this one lady clean up her porch. She literally lives in the middle of the bayou. Her house is lifted probably 12-15 feet off the ground, because when it rains the water rises up a lot. Sometimes she has to park her car a mile or so away, and BOAT to her house. So crazy! Anyway, while cleaning her porch we had a lot of fun catching lizards and such. I'll attach some pics :)

Saturday was another bike day! And another raining day! Days like these are when I feel most like a missionary :) So this time we were riding bikes on the busiest street in our area, when I hear a crash behind me. I turn around and Hna Browning getting up off the ground with her bike. We brush her off, and she has a scrape on her knee but it didn't look too bad. Pretty soon though it starts bleeding, so we ride faster to an investigator's house to get her cleaned up. And then it starts pouring rain. And then the dogs start chasing us. And people who drive by either look really confused or are laughing at us. Yay for missionary life! Luckily, we got to our investigator's house safely, and he was home and could help us out.

I think that about sums up the week! We taught a lot of lessons, found 8 new investigators, had a lot of the recent converts come out with us to teach, and all in all I would call it a really successful week! I've been studying the parable of the sower these past few days, and it applies a lot to missionary work. The ground in the parable is like the hearts of the investigators. Some are already super prepared and accept the word right away, some are not, and there are many in between with thorns or shallow roots. As missionaries, we are here not just to plant the seed, but also to prepare the soil, so that maybe somewhere in the future they will be ready to accept the gospel. It's amazing to see the work of the Lord roll forth.

Love you so much!
Hermana Baker
My cousin Brittany moved to Fall Creek, which is in my ward boundaries! (Too bad she doesn't go to the Spanish ward haha.) We got to eat dinner with her and her family and it made me oh, so happy.
Poor, poor Hermana Browning :(

Service in Dayton aka catch all the lizards and turn them into jewelry. SO MUCH FUN!

The house on stilts. She even said there usually are a few alligators, but we didn't see any this time.
Thanksgiving with Marcos Mejia and his family

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