Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 10

We didn't actually realize it was Labor Day until we went to the apartment office to email and realized it was closed! So this email is coming to you live from Chick-Fil-A in Houston, Texas! (and I'm sending it from my iPad so it'll probably be shorter than usual... Sorry.)

Yesterday Geronimo was confirmed a member de La Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Últimos Días and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. The bishop gave him a wonderful blessing and we're excited to see him continue to grow and progress in the gospel! The members are going to be key in keeping him active, because he doesn't have a car of his own and we live about a 25 minute drive from the church. But so far they have been great and someone is always willing to give him a
ride to church every week! When I read Helaman 6:3 it reminded me of our role as members of the church: "Nevertheless, the people of the church did have great joy because of the conversion of the Lamanites, yea, because of the church of God, which had been established among them. And they did fellowship one with another, and did rejoice one with another, and did have great joy."

On Friday, Hna Bonar and I had the opportunity to eat dinner with Patriarch Stuart and his wife. ( I mean.. He took us to Golden Corral. We couldn't refuse.) He was baptized in his early 20s and then shared the gospel with his girlfriend (who is now his wife) and they have lived such incredible lives. During dinner he talked to us about the purpose of the church, which is to gather together the tribes of Israel. As we unite our purpose with this purpose, and with God's purpose to bring to pass the eternal life of man, everything in our lives will fall into place and we will be blessed beyond imagine. Words of wisdom from the patriarch.

Wednesday, Hna Bonar went on exchanges in Dayton, and Sister Wilson came here with me! She came out the same day as me, so the greenies took on a Spanish area solo. It's crazy how much God trusts us! And even more, how much help He gives us! There's no way we could have done it alone, that's for sure.

Our investigators are continuing to slowly progress in the gospel. They all have such a strong desire to learn, and it's awesome to be able to see all the pieces of the gospel start to click together in their minds.

I know without a doubt that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth. My love for the Book of Mormon has grown so much. It truly does contain the fullness of the gospel, and can answer the questions of the soul.

Sorry for the short email this week! If there's anything I can do for y'all let me know. It would be my pleasure. (I swear just sitting here for these past 20 minutes I've heard "my pleasure" at least 100 times. That's Chick-Fil-A for ya. :)

Love, Hermana Baker

While Hna Bonar went to MLC I was on exchanges with Hna Hurst and Hna King in Galena Park/Broadway. We spent all morning doing service for a recent convert. This is actually the "after" picture. Trust me, it looked a lot worse before haha. Give it a month or so and the missionaries will have this yard looking in tip-top shape :)

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