Sunday, June 5, 2016

Week 35: Get Your Conference Noodle Here!

Transfer day! I will be staying here in Pasadena, but will be getting a new companion. So it's going to be different not having Hermana Bushman here, but I'm excited for the new transfer! We have a lot of people lined up for baptism, and I get to lead out the area.

We finally got to go to the temple again! The Houston temple is so beautiful both inside and out. A member in our ward had family names that she wanted us to help her with, and I ended up with one named Pleasant Moorman. What a good name haha.

A member, Estrella, had her birthday this week! On Tuesday we get a text from her telling us that the address of the party was changed. We looked at the text, and then did a double take, because the address was the Tapia's address, the family that got baptized last week! I mean, we bring Estrella with us to almost every lesson with them, so we knew they were friends, but we didn't realize they were THAT good of friends! Anyway, we spent all Saturday helping Estrella put her party together. And it was super successful. Hispanics go all out for these fiestas. Basically, our whole ward showed up! So the Tapia's got to know some more members of the ward, we ate good food, laughed a lot, and had a really fun time :)

Yesterday Miguel and Daniel were confirmed and received the Holy Ghost, so that was awesome! Next week they will be able to receive the priesthood, and then hopefully in a couple more weeks the rest of the family will be ready for baptism, and they will be able to perform the ordinance! How special is that?! Last night was Hna Bushman's last night here, and the Tapia's got her a cake that said "We're gonna miss you, Hayley" (we made the mistake of telling them our first names, and now they won't stop calling us Hayley and Samantha...) But it was super cute. A lot of tears were shed, but she'll be back for the rest of the family's baptism in a few weeks!!

We have an investigator named Stephanie who we found knocking, but turns out she had been taught by missionaries before! She was so excited that we found her again, and we don't know what happened last time, but right now she is super prepared. We taught a whole lesson focusing on baptism, and she was all for it! So we told her to prepare for her baptism she has to start preparing right now by reading the Book of Mormon, praying about it, come to church, live the commandments, stuff like that. So then she asked exactly what the commandments are. She doesn't have a problem with the law of chastity because her and her husband are legally married. She said she drinks multiple cups of coffee a day though, so we asked her this week to just drink one cup a day. That's when she said, "Well I think I can go with just half a cup." Whoa! Even better!! The spirit is definitely working in her and we're excited to see her start to progress.

It's a wonderful thing to be able to be in the service of the Lord 24/7 and I'm learning so much every day.

Love always,
Hermana Baker

Regret: letting the elders make my planner. Now I'm stuck carrying around a planner that says "Get your conference noodle here!"

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