Sunday, June 26, 2016

Week 37: Hallelujah

Busy, busy, busy. Welcome to the life of a missionary. This week we were running around crazy, between appointments and service and meals (the members feed us every single day here!) and meetings. But somehow we managed to fit it all in and had such a good and successful week!!

Saturday we went up to the doctor, and he took a look at Hna Sahagún's shoulder. She's going to have to stay in the sling for another 4 weeks!! He said there's nothing really he can do about it for now. Something about a grade 2 AC separation.. Whatever that means....

Meeting #1: President Interview Trainings, where we can talk with President Drake about anything and everything. He is such a spiritual giant and has the perfect answer for everything! The APs focused the meeting on the Book of Mormon and one thing they said really stood out to me. As missionaries, one of the key indicators is member presents, and it's something we're always trying to do is get members out with us, to share their testimonies and experiences! What would it be like to have God as our member present? Well, we can! Every time we use the scriptures in our lessons, it's like God is there testifying and promising blessings to our investigators. So even though it doesn't count as a "member-present lesson" we should always be striving to use God's words as much as possible to invite Him to the lesson. Pretty simple, but super powerful.

Meeting #2: Zone Meeting, where we get together to set a vision as a zone. There wasn't really anything new from last transfer, but it was a good reminder of the importance of Preach My Gospel, having powerful contacts, and working through the Spirit.

Investigator update: Yohana, Melissa, and Angel are getting ready for their baptism next week!! An investigator named Joel is now nicknamed el huevo (the egg) because we're trying to figure out how to crack him! He knows it's all true, he comes to church, but he doesn't feel ready to be baptized because he's worried he's going to go inactive. (I don't know how he found out about inactive members..) So we're just pushing along with him! Tony says he has the desire to stop smoking and drinking, but he's not really putting in any effort to try and actually stop. Alex's baptism is getting pushed back a few weeks to give him a couple more chances to go to church. We have a new investigator named Inocencia who has a lot of potential. As you can see, the work is moving forward!! There is so much to do to hasten the work of salvation, and it can be a little overwhelming at times trying to manage it all. But whom the Lord calls, He qualifies! It's so awesome to be a part of the Lord's work and see miracles happen on the daily!

The new Easter initiative is out! Go take a look :) #hallelujah

Love always,
Hermana Baker

It was Khiara's birthday! Maybe we got a little carried away with the frosting... :)

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