Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 38: Celebration!!

This week has seemed like one big nonstop celebration!

Thursday was St Patrick's day AND Hna Sahagún's birthday!! Wooohooooo! She's feeling 22! We celebrated by weekly planning (yay) and then the Tapia's had gotten her a surprise birthday cake. So all in all it was a good good day :)

Then Sunday Yohanna, Angel, and Melissa were baptized! It was so stressful putting it all together and making sure everything went through as planned, but it ended up so beautiful. Daniel was able to baptize his wife and kids. He was so nervous about it!! But it was perfect. He didn't mess up the words and all three of them went all the way under on the first dunk. The ward has been so supportive, and the Tapia's are going to make such a great addition! Adriana, the grandma, is the last one we are working with. She still hasn't been to church because of her work schedule, but honestly she has the strongest testimony out of all of them so we're not too worried about her :)

One day we were knocking and a guy opened up and said, "Thanks for y'alls time but I already go to the church of the Holy Frisbee." Hna Sahagún and I just looked at each other and then back at him like ummm excuse me? What church? Then he said, "The church of the Holy Frisbee! We believe that when you die your soul goes on the roof and you can never get it back down." Ohhhhhhhh it was a joke. Haha we laughed for a good minute with him, shared a short message, and he sent us on our way. With how many churches there are here I wouldn't be surprised if the church of the Holy Frisbee really did exist though....

Right before her baptism Yohanna sent us this text: "I feel like crying cause I know I'm doing a good thing and trying to be a better person, a good wife, mom, and friend. Aaaaaahhhh I'm so happy jaja I hope y'all don't think I'm crazy!" THIS IS WHAT THE GOSPEL DOES TO PEOPLE!!! And wow does it make me happy just to be able to witness it all. I'm think I'm starting to understand how Ammon felt when he didn't have the words to describe how much joy sharing the gospel brought him. Alma 26:11-16.

Love always,
Hermana Baker

Happy birthday Hermana Sahagún!!

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