Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week 25: 'Tis the Season of Tamales

Feliz Navidad! I am so so so soooooo excited to talk to y'all on Christmas! That's only 4 days away!! We had a super exciting week this week, so here I'll share the highlights.

-Wednesday was the mission's CHRISTMAS CONFERENCE. The whole mission gets together and we are fed both physically and spiritually :) A few members of the mission presidency spoke to us, and then a few members were invited to come and share their conversion story, including Obispo Morales. Obispo has only been a member ten years, and four of those years has been as bishop! So crazy!! We never know someone's full potential, or the impact the Gospel will have on their life. Then we all watched The Cokeville Miracle (and yes, I cried haha). If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it! A beautiful and inspiring story about the power of prayer.

-We had a MINI MISSIONARY. Here, priest/laurels have the opportunity to serve a "mini mission" where they go out with the missionaries for a 3 day mission. Our mini's name was Hermana Kelly Santos, from Kingwood. We had a special circumstance, though, because she just moved here to Texas from BRAZIL about 4 months ago. So hardly spoke any English. I actually was pretty impressed at how much English she had picked up these past few months though! And between Enlgish, Spanish, and Portuguese we were all able to communicate. During the lessons, she couldn't really participate because she doesn't speak Spanish, but she said she understood about 80% of what was being said! It was hard saying goodbye to her, because we became such good friends in these three short days. It was amazing to see how many miracles happened over the weekend she was here. God wants these youth to serve missions, so He's going to make sure they have a good and successful experience! And it worked! By the end, she said she's for sure going on a mission :)

-Saturday night was the WARD CHRISTMAS FIESTA. So many tamales. And a super yummy Mexican treat called bunuelo. Mmmmmmm. We even got a special visit from Santa!

-We volunteered at Legend Oaks Assisted Living and helped out with their Christmas party. What a special time to be able to sing and play the piano and pass out Christmas gifts and cookies to all the residents there.

-Had to take a quick trip to the doctor because my dog bite got infected... :( But he prescribed me some medicine and it's looking a lot better! Don't worry mom!

-MIRACLE ALERT. Sunday we had spent all morning driving around to our investigators' houses to help them come to church, but had zero success. So we arrive at church a little disappointed, but we had tried as hard as we possible could! Then, after Sacrament meeting, a Hermano comes up to me, and says Darlin is here with her family! Darlin is a former who we have been trying to contact for a long long long long time, but could never get a hold of her. Her kids were all baptized about a year ago. Almost immediately after the kids' baptisms the whole family went inactive :( But here she was at church with her whole family! What a miracle! She told me she's ready to start coming back to church, so we have a Noche de Hogar planned with them tonight!

I wish you all a very merry Christmas. Thanks to everyone who has sent me cards this Christmas, I love hearing from you! I will talk to you sooooooon :)

Love always,
Hermana Samantha Baker
Christmas selfie with our three arbolitas (thanks Mom for the Christmas packages!)

Christmas party at Legend Oaks

Yay Santa!

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