Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week 29: Beautiful Downtown Channelview

Welp, my time has come to an end here in West Lake Houston South. I have honestly loved spending the past 6 months here and the ward, recent converts, and investigators have become my home and family. Like always, the Lord has given us a few extra blessings this week :)

First, we had four investigators at church yesterday! Darlin introduced us to her sister-in-law last week, and we've started teaching her about the church. Her name is Stephanie, and sh is just soaking up the gospel. She is married but her husband doesn't show any interest. She also has three kids, one who is 10, one who is turning 8 this week, and then one who is 6. We had invited her and her family to church and she said she would have to talk to her husband about it. The next day she texted us saying that he told her no. But us misioneras don't take no for an answer! We drove straight over to her house, and asked him ourselves. And then he said yes! The next morning Darlin and Oscar and their 4 kids, and then Stephanie and her 3 kids all piled into one car and were there 20 minutes early to church. I was sooooooo happy beyond words. Everything worked out just perfect! She's reluctant to accept a specific baptismal date, but we know that she will get there soon, especially with the support from Darlin. :)

At the beginning of this past week, we got a call from a member asking us to go visit her friend and convince her not to get an abortion. Talk about a life or death situation. We were so nervous and had no idea what we were going to say! We never ended up meeting her face to face, but we talked with her on the phone, and another member helped us to find some quotes and things to text her about how much God loves her. Honestly, I never found out what happened, which makes me think she went through with it, but I hope that one day when she does get the chance to actually listen to the gospel she'll remember this first experience with the church and want to continue to learn more. It really made me think about not only the importance of life, but the huge impact our decisions can have on the lives of others!

Hermana Villareal thrives off of helping us choose a street to knock for Hour of Power. When we first showed up for dinner, she was mentioning something about Pecan something, that for some reason the word Pecan was stuck in her head. So we look up all the Pecan streets in our area and turns out there are a ton! (Who would have guessed?) Pecan Grove Street, Rustic Pecan Lane, Twisted Pecan Court, the list goes on and on and on. Then, after dinner Hermana Villareal told us we should go look for the family Trevino because they used to be really active, but haven't been to church in a long time. We looked up where they lived and guess where. PECAN STREET! Needless to say, we went straight to Pecan Street to see what miracles the Lord had in store for us there, because it's obviously where we needed to be! The Trevinos told us to come back another time because they were busy right then, so we decided to knock the trailers across the street. And we came across a guy named Jorge who's actually a member! He's what we call like to call a lost sheep. He was baptized in Mexico a long time ago, but hasn't been in years. We were able to get all his information to move his records over to this ward, and maybe we can get in to start to teach his wife and kids who aren't members! What a miracle!

What a blessing it has been to serve these people. I will never forget the people I have met and the lessons I have learned. I won't find out where I will be serving until today at transfer meeting, but I know that wherever I go, it's where the Lord needs me! I am going to be the STL (sister training leader) of my new zone which was super surprising to me because I barely have six months in the mission! I feel super inadequate to help the other sisters when I hardly know how to be a missionary myself, but I'll just give it my best and go from there!

On a mission the bad times outnumber the good times, but the good times outweigh the bad times. And that makes it all worth it :)

Love always,
Hermana Baker
We literally were parked on their grass 2 inches and for 20 minutes. Some people.

We found this sweet mural! "Beautiful Downtown Channelview." Which is funny, cause Channelview really is not that beautiful, and there's no downtown....

The city, the Texans, the Rockets, NASA... I LOVE HOUSTON!!

The obispado of the West Lake Houston ward. Love these guys.

 The elders tried to convince us that it was a mission rule now to wear helmets in the car for extra safety. Don't worry, we're not that gullible, but we did get a good laugh when they pulled up to church Sunday wearing their helmets :)

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