Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week 27: Bienvenidos 2016!

I think it might be pretty safe to say that this week has been the longest week of my mission yet. We didn't get a lot of lessons in, with it being the holidays and all. Half of our investigators were in Mexico, and the other half had family visiting from Mexico, but nevertheless we saw miracles like always :)

On Saturday we were in a part of our area that we never really go to because of how far away it is. The referral we were trying to contact wasn't home, and her daughter said to come back in two hours. So we spent those two hours walking, contacting, knocking, and hunting down less actives and formers. After the two hours were up, we had just finished talking to some really rude, drunk guys and it had put me in mood where I just didn't want to talk to anyone anymore. As we were walking back to the car, we passed these guys who were sitting in their driveway. Usually, we would go up and talk to them, but we just didn't feel like it, plus it was time to go to the next appointment, so we waved but kept walking. That's when the one guy, his name is Marcus, yelled out at us, "Hey! How are y'all doin'?" And next thing I know we're walking up his driveway and talking with him about the gospel (by this time all his family had gone inside). Marcus is in his early 30's, tattoos all up his arms and neck, and has gone through some hard things in his life, but has so much faith in God. He told us how the night before he had written down his prayers, in the form of a letter, to God. So he went inside and brought back out these prayers and let us read them. They were all talking to God, asking God to guide him and bring him truth and a shoulder to lean on. And what are the chances that the very next day, we would be walking down his street?! We told him that God sent us to him, gave him a Book of Mormon, shared a couple scriptures from it, and got his information to give to the English elders in the area. This man is so prepared not only to hear the gospel message, but also to act on it, so we're excited to hear from the elders about his progress. And I can't believe I almost walked right past him! This was a really humbling experience and I learned a good lesson from it. God personally knows every single one of his children. And as a missionaries, we have the responsibility to share His love and gospel with everyone! Even if we're in a bad mood, even if we're late to an appointment, even if they don't look like the "Mormon-type". Everyone needs the gospel.

Other good news... Hugo can be baptized! Hermana Browning and I started screaming and jumping up and down when we got the call with the news. We saw Hugo that night, and he was excited, too! But yesterday when we talked to him on the phone, he started getting scared, and saying he's not ready, he's too busy, he still doesn't know, stuff like that. We did our best we could to explain to him that if he prays and sincerely asks, that God will tell him he needs to get baptized and that he's ready. If y'all would please keep Hugo in your prayers, we would greatly appreciate it! And maybe we'll see a baptism in the next week or two!

Hopefully the missionary work will start to pick back up this week, now that the holidays are over! Thank y'all for your support and your prayers. THE CHURCH IS TRUE!

Love always,
Hermana Baker
I accidentally got our car completely stuck in the mud.. Some Mexicans had to hook us up to their little pick-up and tow us out. So embarrassing.

If only all dogs were as cute as this one...

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