Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week 28: You Can Call Me Hermana Matchmaker

Hola hola!

I sat down to write this email, and realized this whole week has been a blur! We have kept busy and finally got in with many of our investigators who we hadn't seen over the holidays, so that's good! But other than that, nothing super out of the ordinary. So here's a couple updates on the work:

HUGO told us he wasn't ready to be baptized this week so we were like alright, let's choose another date and work towards that! We pulled out the calendar, and gave it to him. After a few minutes of him studying the calendar, he said "I know what day I'm going to be baptized. April 10th." Sister Casas (we were on exchanges) and I just looked at each other, and then looked at Hugo, then looked at each other again. April is in FOUR MONTHS! We were positive he would choose a date sometime in the next month, but no. He's a truck driver so goes out of town for long periods of time, but when he gets back we're going to do everything possible to move his date up a little sooner!

JULIAN, I don't know if I've talked about him! He is in his 50s, recently divorced, and compares himself to Job a lot because he feels like he's lost almost everything. He hasn't made it to church yet, but he has a baptismal date in February and knows the Book of Mormon is true! Hooray!! We have such high hopes for him, and we know that the gospel is coming at just the perfect moment in his life.

DARLIN and OSCAR are still working so they can get baptized. We are super looking forward to their baptism, and they are coming to church every week! Today is their son Oscarito's 7th birthday, so we're going over tonight to have a noche de hogar/fiesta de cumpleanos with them!

Oooo about the title. Well, as you know, we teach a lot of these single, Hispanic men. And just so happens that there are quite a few single, Hispanic women in our ward! PERFECT!! Haha I am always trying to get them to come out to lessons with our investigators/recent converts. Flirt to convert, right? (JUST KIDDING THAT'S BAD!) We invite them with us because we need another woman to be able to teach the lesson inside their house instead of teaching it outside in the cold. Plus they are awesome at helping us fellowship and teach lessons! But. It's turned into this big broma that I'm the Hermana Matchmaker :)

The mission has been putting a big push on using Preach My Gospel. Now, with our iPads we have a limitless number of resources -- videos, manuals, general conferences, magazines, the list goes on and on. If we were to press print on the gospel library, how many pages do you think it would be? We'd be printing forever! What's so amazing is that the church has condensed all of the most important doctrine from these millions of articles, and put the most important points into a small book called Preach My Gospel. It was made specifically to help missionaries, so we better use it to it's full capacity! Everything in the Gospel Library is good, and even great, but we need the best. It's so easy to get distracted in all the "good" in the world that we don't make the time to do what is BEST! Hopefully that made sense.

The mission is the greatest. Happy birthday this week, Andrew!!

Love always,

Hermana Baker

Somehow we got stuck behind this same train TWICE in the same 20 minutes.

Julian accidentally locked his keys, Libro de Mormon, and glasses all in his room! We spent a good 10 minutes trying to open this door, but to no avail. We had a great lesson, nevertheless!

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