Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week 32: Southern Food Gone Mexican

Like always we had such a good week! I don't have a lot of time today, so here's a few quick highlights:

-We taught an investigator named Tony how to pray. We told him that you start with Padre Celestial, say whatever you want to tell God in the middle, and end en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen. And here was his prayer. "Heavenly Father, I am thankful for this day of life. I am thankful for my family. Blah blah blah. And um in Jesus' name, Amen." He literally said blah blah blah IN HIS PRAYER! Haha Hermana Bushman and I just looked at each other and silently laughed. It was hilarious, and has become the new inside joke.

-Tuesday we had Missionary Leadership Council (MLC) and President Drake said that starting now we are supposed to invite people to be baptized, not just in the first lesson, but when we very first contact them! (WHAT?!) When he first said that you could feel the doubt of everyone in the room. But then we started role playing and we realized that it might take a little practice to get used to it, but that it's totally possible! This way people will know right off the bat what our purpose is, and we won't be wasting our time on people who aren't actually interested in being baptized.

-The Tapia's came to church again yesterday! They are going to be baptized on the 21st and we couldn't be more excited for them :) Last night we went over to their house for dinner and a lesson, and they fed us crawfish! Yummmmmm. It definitely had a little Mexican twist because it was so so so SOOOO SPICY! But so good. And we topped off the night by talking about eternal families. Doesn't get better that! We left their house gorditas y felices :)

-Also yesterday Hermana Bushman and I taught Relief Society about missionary work and it went awesome! There's a story in this month's Ensign called "She Read My Testimony" that we shared and then passed out Book of Mormons for the hermanas to write their testimonies in. This ward is just starting to really get involved in missionary work and it's super exciting!

-Hermana Bushman and I have become addicted to family search, and we have spent many lunch hours seeing how far back we can go in our family tree. (Turns out I'm related to Jesus!)

-Exchanges this week was with Sister Redford in La Porte! They live super close to the bay so we ran down to the water that morning to watch the sunrise. SO PRETTY.

I think that about sums it up! Thanks for all the support and love. Missions are the best thing in the entire world.

Love always,
Hermana Baker

The sign got cut out a little, "Welcome to the Church Without a Name"

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