Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week 24: Dogs Smell Fear

First of all, we had a mini miracle happen Wednesday night. Hermana Browning was driving that day, meaning I was in charge of the phone. We pull into the parking lot that night and can't find the phone anywhere! We had the elders, who live a couple apartments down, call it while we looked all through the car, but it definitely wasn't there. So we said a prayer, and then started to retrace our steps. The first place we looked was at a random house we had stopped at, and the phone must have fell out of the car when I was getting out. We had parked on the side of the road, half-way in a ditch. The miracle was that within two minutes of looking we found the phone, it had fallen about half-way down the ditch, was covered by leaves and grass, and somehow we found it without even looking very hard. What a blessing.

Thursday. It was 8:45 and we were walking down this street trying to find a less-active's house before heading home for the night. So we were walking, walking, and up the street a ways a car was speeding toward us and we saw it hit a dog! We heard the yelp, saw the dog crumple in the street and everything, but the car just kept zooming past. We saw the dog get up and limp off to the side of the road. Okay. Walking, walking, and as we got close to where the dog was hit, we saw it with three other dogs on the side of the road. Then, all the dogs saw us and started barking and growling and at that moment both my flight and my fight reactions decided not to work and I just stood there and was terrified. So Hermana Browning grabbed my arm and dragged me back away from the dogs, but it was too late and the dogs charged toward us. The biggest one bit my leg. But at that moment, a man from across the street came out of his garage and scared off the dogs for us. He was so kind and brought out his wife and a bandage to help me clean up my leg. (Thank goodness we speak Spanish so we could talk to them!) And as they were helping me, we got a chance to share the gospel with them! The hermana had been to the Mormon church a few times when she was younger and living in California, but she told us that she didn't like that we worshiped Jose Smith instead of Jesus Christ. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. We pulled up Ha Nacido Un Salvador on our iPad and shared it with them, and helped clarify that of course we believe in Jesus Christ! It was getting late, and we had to go, but they told us we could come back after the holidays to teach them more :) So although I got attacked by a pit bull, I got a pretty legit battle wound and we got an opportunity to share the gospel that we otherwise would have missed. Hooray!

Stake Conference this weekend was super awesome! They talked about councils, and how all members of a council have to work together for it to be effective. I thought family council was just something weird that my family did, but nope! Turns out that every family is supposed to have a family council, so good job Mom and Dad!

Hermana Browning had to go through and drop a lot of our investigators this week, which was really hard. Most of them were people who liked us and didn't mind us coming over, but they weren't keeping commitments or doing their part. So although we were teaching a lot of lessons, we didn't feel that it was the best use of our time. It took a lot of faith to clear out our teaching pool, but we know there are people here who ARE ready to hear the gospel and make commitments! We just need to find them! These coming weeks are going to be full of lots of knocking and contacting and being guided by the Spirit so that we can build back up our teaching pool.

This week was one for the books. Now, onward and upward!

Hermana Baker

(Sorry, no pictures this week because ummm... We didn't take any. Whoops.)

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